[hackerspaces] YourDuino promotional/educational tour in the southeast United States

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[hackerspaces] YourDuino promotional/educational tour in the southeast United States

Shirley Hicks
Got the original heads-up regarding YourDuino’s tour from a New Hampshire maker buddy. Thought it might be of interest to other south east US maker and hacker spaces.

A small Vermont online Arduino sales company, YourDuino.com will be visiting the Red Mountain Maker space to do product demonstrations and user education on Monday November 2nd. They announced their tour at their website - http://yourduino.com/ - and from email conversation, will be in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana from November 1st through 7th.

The details for our event are posted at our blog - http://www.redmountainmakers.org/2015/10/yourduino-demonstrations-monday-nov-2nd/, which will be propagating out through our social media feeds over the next few hours.

Terry and Mary Alice will be talking to people about Arduino circuit boards – and what you can do with them! They will have some of their kits and other parts available for sale during and after the presentation.

They will have an interactive display with several live Arduino examples. In their presentation they will go through the sequence of designing, connecting and coding a simple Arduino project. They would like to discuss people's interests and possible projects and give helpful feedback and suggestions on how to get started.

Here are some demonstrations of their kits from their YouTube channel:

Arduino 101 Lookout - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No_L5Rm2Ngo
Arduino Theremin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_NdQz0Wq7A
YourDuino basic robot kit in action - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSQWnvIclqE

If you are interested in arranging visit to your space, please contact them directly at [hidden email] or [hidden email].

Best Regards,

Shirley Hicks
Treasurer/Web Admin/Programmer/Maker
Red Mountain Makers
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