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Cecilia Tanaka
Security Without Borders (SWB) is a collective of hackers and security professionals who provide technical assistance to civil society and activists that are dedicated to the international, non-violent struggle to protect fundamental human rights.

#  ​<​

​#  33C3 presentation  -  "Hacking The World - The Struggle For Security For All." <https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8349-hacking_the_world#video&t=1601​>


​Hi, dear all!  Please, spread the news!  Thanks in advance!  :D

Tender kisses and warm hugs from Brazil, muuuah!!  <3

Ceci, cross-posting as always, la la la...  Sorry, my laziness is a real shame, but I swear I am pretty-y-y busy now!  :P

"The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented."

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