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[hackerspaces] Parts and Crafts is kickstarting a kits program

William Macfarlane
Hi friends!

Parts and Crafts is a kid hackerspace and community workshop in Somerville MA.  We've been running for about 7 years -- we started running programs for kids about 6 months before the word "makerspace" became a commonly used term.  We run a drop-in community open-shop, a school-alternative program, as well as afterschool hours, classes, workshops, repair events for grownups, a lending library for tools, monthly crypto-parties, open-hardware project documentation nights, and anything else that seems like a good idea.

We've spent the last seven years developing a range of simple, easy-to-build projects that are our go-to "learn to make stuff" projects we offer to kids, and we're taking some of our favorites and turning them into kits that anyone can put together at home, or in the classroom.  We're going to be documenting these projects as much as we can, and publishing the design documents, the instructions, as well as information about how to get and manufacture the kit parts and how the projects might be integrated into traditional school curricula.  All of our documentation, as well as instructional videos and supplementary material, will be licensed under a CC ShareAlike License for other kids and educators and interested folks to build on.

We're starting the project with a kickstarter -- we're actually 99% funded right now, a week in, with 22 days to go.  This is incredibly exciting.  But we can always hope for more and better -- the more we raise the more resources we can devote to producing this set of project guides, as well as other supplementary developmental programs.  

The kickstarter link is here -- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1853870446/parts-and-crafts-monthly-make-it -- and I'll let it speak for itself.  But we'd be thrilled and grateful for any support you can give us, either in terms or money, or just helping us get the word out to folks who might be interested.  We've been completely blown away so far by the amount of support and enthusiasm we've received, both from our immediate community, and the wider community of hackers, makers, tech educators, and the like.  

thanks much,


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