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i attach a message from the academic computer history list. it is about
a person who reproduced the old hardware of a company that operated in
the 1970s, including a computer. i guess it is a good inspiration. :)

SCELBI produced 16 different printed circuit boards during the short time that they were selling computer hardware. I have finally finished producing working reproductions of all of their hardware products.  I started to get serious about reproduction SCELBI boards back in early 2011, so this project has taken close to 6 years, and I’m still working on some aspects of the software.
The final boards to be reproduced were the SCELBI oscilloscope boards which I have just finished testing.  The hardware for this interface alone took me almost year to reproduce and test.  The only original oscilloscope interface that I'm aware of, is in storage at the CHM.  
Note that there are NO operating original SCELBI oscilloscope interfaces known to exist.  This made building a reproduction even harder than normal, since I could only work work off of schematics, a couple of photographs of the sole remaining original unit and a few references in literature to the interface.  Existing original documentation is extremely fragmentary, consisting of the schematics, component placement diagrams, a few notes in marketing literature, some references in the SCELBI integrated development environment (MEA) and the software that interfaced to the drivers.  Copies of the original drivers have not been found.  Though I have tested the unit with software that I wrote, I'm currently working on creating new drivers using the fragmentary information that is available.  Though writing working software for this interface isn’t rocket science, writing software that will work with SCELBI’s integrated development environment (MEA) is proving to be quite a challenge.
I hope to visit at least a couple of vintage computer festivals and perhaps a maker faire in order to demonstrate these reproductions in action.
Note that I now have reproduction PCBs for all the SCELBI hardware products available for sale.
Check out my blog for more information. Mike's Hobby Blog <http://www.willegal.net/blog/> best regards and happy new year, Mike Willegal

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