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willi uebelherr

Dear friends,

it is the first time to write to this list. I am searching for people
and groups they work or want to work for our telecommunication system.

In this mail i explained it Marcin from the "Open Source Ecology" and
the "RepLab" or "OSFL" project i found in the project list of the

I have read from 2050 projects in the hackerspaces and maybe 300 more.
And how many groups are active? And how many groups work on hardware in
theory and practics? And how many groups work in high frequence technology?

I don't found a way to search in the list with this specific pattern.
Maybe, it exists?

many greetings, willi
in this time: Manaus, Brasil

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Betreff: Re: RepLab - the Open Source Fab Lab
Datum: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 22:37:44 -0300
Von: willi uebelherr <[hidden email]>
An: Marcin Jakubowski <[hidden email]>
Kopie (CC): ... karin kosina <[hidden email]>

Liebe Karin,
Many thanks for your link to Marcin.

Dear Marcin,

now i have read a little bit in the site of Open Source Ecology. I know
this project from Franz Nahrada in Wien from Transition movement and
Global Village project.

I like very much your vision, mostly. But not this form of machine
construction. Primitive Lego style. I know it from Germany in the
capitalistic environment with standard profiles.

I understand, that you want begin. And in this timespace it is necessary
to use cheap and simple elements.

My question for RepLab or any other group goes deeper. For that, what
you and your friends describe in your About-page we need the global
network for free technology. And for that we need our telecommunication
system in form of an Internet. A real InterNet and not a deception.

InterNet, the Inter-connection of local Net-works. A transport system
for digital data in packet form. But if we have no Netstructure in the
telecommunication, then we never can have a Interconnection of that.

Therefore, my principal focus is oriented to the technical systems for
the connection. The physical transport elements for our data. And this
in two forms: wireless and wired. Based on the same coding schemes. Only
the concrete energyflow for the transport of our coded data is different.

But i know, in our simple environments it is not easy. Always i say:
first the ideas, second the implementations.

I started to search in the project list of hackerspaces.org. 2050
projects but the most are more using oriented and not creation oriented.
Only RepLab was a point to look deeper. But i have to continue my search
process. Maybe, you know some other groups.

Onother project outside ist OpenRisc/Ri5cy and PULP in ETH Zuerich and
UNBO in Bologna. But very restricted to STmicroelectronics and

In the space of Microwace and MillimeterWave it is difficult to find
Open Source Groups. And the other problem is, they work strong on the
base of the transversal waves from Heinrich Hertz. But i know, also
Hertz worked on MillimeterWaves in Karlsruhe on different ways. And
Jagadish Chandra Bose in Bengalen/India worked also on this themes.

It is not new. The problem is more, like in your machine construction,
to help the people to create her local technical infrastructure. Only
then they can extend her concepts and design, can experiment with
different laws of the nature.

My thinking is always oriented to the base, what we need to design,
construct and build any form of technical systems. And because we want
to work in an open space, we need our open global cooperation.
Indepemdent of all this private occupation of common resources and the
shit money system.

Let me know, what you think.

many greetings, willi
Manaus, Brasil

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